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Addressing Mobile App Testing Challenges

If the mobile technology train hasn’t arrived at your organization yet, it soon will. Are you ready to jump onboard and face the unique testing challenges presented by mobile applications? Attend this talk and walk away with a solid mobile testing baseline and best practices for addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

Top Ten Challenges of Test Automation

Your organization has implemented software test automation and is not realizing the value it expected. Or perhaps, it’s just starting to consider implementation and you wish to be proactive (always a wise decision). This presentation will address common challenges and provide strategies on how to overcome them in order to develop a strategic roadmap to successful implementation!

Test Planning Versus Test Strategy. Are They the Same?

We’ve all heard about strategic planning it’s the preparation for battle plans or achieving goals. People talk about strategies when they want to change something or achieve something. So when we talk about test planning and test strategies are we talking about the same thing? This session discusses test planning and test strategy development and suggests approaches for today’s testers and test managers.