Testing Commercial Off the Shelf Software

Course Details

This unique overview course will help to make sense out of the dynamic world of COTS systems testing. What’s unique about this course is that you will have a say in designing its content. Once you register, you will fill out a detailed survey about the type of COTS testing you are doing or plan to do. Each COTS seminar will be tailored to the survey results so that we can provide you with the information you can use right away for your COTS testing project. Based on the survey results, some of the topics in this seminar will be covered in greater detail.

We provide you this opportunity because COTS testing will mean different things to different people. The types of COTS testing you might have to do is quite diversified.

Consider these limited examples. COTS testing could involve:

  • Doing testing of a COTS package against user requirements.
  • Conducting complex integration and interoperability testing.
  • Testing a customized ERP application.
  • Doing security testing of a COTS package at your work site.

This two-day course will provide you with a framework to help make sense out of the ever-changing world of COTS testing.

Course Outline

  • The prevalence of COTS systems in the IT world and its growing presence.
  • Similarities and differences between testing “in-house” applications versus testing COTS packages.
  • What the standards organizations such as SEI, NIST, and ISO have to say to about testing COTS packages and how you can use their information to your advantage.
  • How to do Internet research on the COTS systems you are testing.
  • How to do requirements analysis that applies to COTS testing.
  • The basics of security and virus testing for COTS systems.
  • What integration testing means in the world of COTS systems.
  • The challenges of embedded software testing in a COTS system.
  • The role of Configuration Management in testing COTS systems.

Who Should Attend

This is an advanced course for an individual who has had testing experience and is interested learning more about COTS testing. It is advantageous if the attendee has at least three or more years of experience in software testing, although this may not be necessary.

  • Software Testers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers, and Users

Schedule & Registration

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