Structuring IT Change Management

Workshop Details

In today’s competitive environment, change is a constant. As much as companies want and need to change, every organization struggles with changing successfully. When the changes involve Information Systems, Services, and Technology, another complexity is added to the change dynamic – strategic business/technology alignment. Unfortunately studies continue to show most of these change efforts do not succeed. You can beat the odds applying proven strategies that get the results you need. This 3-day, highly interactive program will address the challenges and considerations successful change must address effectively and efficiently.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Business strategy: develop a strategic approach to initiating, implementing, and managing major change in the organization
  • Critical drivers of change: understand the key factors that drive change and how to apply them to your market
  • Business impact: understand how to analyze and measure the impact and benefits of potential change
  • Change risk management: identify and manage the risks involved with the change
  • Maintain productivity during change: understand how to engage staff to implement change effectively and efficiently

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • Assess change drivers in external and internal environment
  • Assess change readiness of organization
  • Develop effective change initiatives strategic plan
  • Implement efficient IT best change practices
  • Engage staff to implement change effectively and efficiently
  • Measure change impact on key IT success indicators
  • Understand impact and benefit of potential changes
  • Develop change priority and selection criteria

Course Methodology:

The course will be highly interactive with selected case studies to lock in the learning. To maximize the learning, participants are asked to research information from their own company on a specific change initiative and bring it to the seminar for action learning and planning. Registrants will be provided with a guide for gathering their information. Participants will receive (in addition to a detailed content-rich course notebook): Change Impact Tracker guidelines to capture costs and savings over time, Change Benefit Scoring Guide, and Change Tracking Log.

Who should attend:

CIOs, Directors, VPs, GMs, Senior Managers & Managers of IT: Strategy, Planning, Project Management, Governance, Risk Management, Change Management; executives and managers charged with implementing major change


Understanding a company’s change drivers and assessing readiness for change.

Learning objectives:

Gain insights into drivers of change and organization’s and IT’s readiness to respond to and lead change initiatives; identify specific changes the organization must make.

  • Identifying and managing sources of competitive and growth accelerating change and issue management in IT and business
  • Identifying which external and internal changes will drive organizational change
  • Case Study and Workshop: Identifying change drivers
  • Facilitating organizational change: Strategies; structures and de-layering; practices and processes; products and services
  • Case Study and Workshop: Choosing strategies and best practices
  • Aligning IT and business perspectives and business strategies
  • Assessing IT change readiness and adapting IT mission to changing organizational needs
  • Beyond alignment: changing role of IT as business partner/change accelerator and facilitator
  • Case Study and Workshop: Choosing alignment strategies
  • Using best practices and simple analytic tools to identify change parameters
  • Case Study and Workshop: Applying analytic tools and best practices.

Implement improvement change initiatives effectively and efficiently.

Learning objectives:

Maintain productivity during change; increase communication effectiveness with customers, employees, colleagues, and management; mitigate risk; understand the most effective methods for compliance to the change process.

  • Implementing organizational and IT change strategies; planning and monitoring change; communicating change; engaging staff in change
  • Case Study and Workshop: Developing a strategic change plan
  • Using mission-driven change strategies to maximize implementation productivity
  • Case Study and Workshop: Analyzing and adapting missions
  • Redefining and implementing new: roles and responsibilities; habits and behaviors; thinking; values
  • Case Study and Workshop: Implementing new cultural factors
  • Mastering 8 essentials of change: vision; sense of urgency; powerful guiding coalition; communicating vision; empower action; plan and create short-term wins; recognize and reward short-term wins; consolidate improvements and produce more change; institutionalize new approaches
  • Case Study and Workshops: Implementing 8 change essentials
  • Engaging individuals in personal change for effective, efficient organizational change
  • Risk analysis and anticipating resistance: converting resistance into acceptance; changing corporate and IT culture; building in compliance with new standards and processes
  • Case Study and Workshop: Performing risk analysis and mitigation planning.

Manage and measure change and institutionalize continuous-improvement.

Learning objectives:

Understand and analyze change impact; adjust implantation strategies and tactics based on results; transform organizational adaptability, flexibility, and innovation.

  • Benchmarking best change practices and assessing change readiness
  • Developing key financial metrics to demonstrate successful IT change
  • Developing pre- and post-change metrics for critical IT and business areas
  • Developing dashboards of subjective and objective metrics for managing
  • Integrating significant metrics into ongoing reporting and building dashboards for continued progress evaluation
  • Case Study and Workshop: Developing metrics, surveys, dashboards, assessments.
  • Completing and using Lessons Learned: summarizing change types, costs and benefits; analyzing results and impact; modifying metrics and estimates
  • Case Study and Workshop: Implementing Lessons Learned
  • Building continuous improvement and change into IT infrastructure
  • Adapting organizational and IT culture and infrastructure to changing market needs flexibly and innovatively
  • Case Study and Workshop: Planning and implementing culture change
  • Developing the implementation action plan
  • Case Study and Workshop: Writing the implementation action plan.

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The following testimonials come directly from IT executives that participated at a recent workshop in Asia:

  • "You have selected the right speaker for the training. I learned a lot of things which can be applied in daily work and daily life."
  • "Rebecca shared with us real life situations so we could understand better."
  • "Excellent course. I can apply these tools at our office to improve our operations."
  • "This workshop has helped me to identify what it takes to conduct successful change management."
  • "This course gives me the knowledge that I can apply in my job."
  • "A very good workshop."
  • "This course is interesting and the activities can be used and adapted to our unit."
  • Fun, easy to understand."