Essentials of Web Testing

Course Details

This e-LEARNING course explains the differences between testing Web applications versus traditional software, and gives you the tools you’ll need to cost-effectively test your Web applications. E-commerce considerations are presented, as are a wide variety of techniques unique to Web testing. Students are challenged by practical assignments throughout the course.

By the end of the course, students are able to:

  • Understand the complexity of Web testing
  • Differentiate components of a Web development environment
  • Write a Web application Test Plan
  • Prepare for e-commerce testing
  • Select appropriate test tools

Topics Covered


  • Why is Web testing unique?
  • Web application life cycle
  • Online resources

Web Development Environment

  • Web components described
  • Programming languages
  • Testing during development phase

Web Test Phases

  • Test planning
  • Requirements definition
  • Specification
  • Design
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing

Electronic Commerce Testing

  • Brochureware vs. e-commerce
  • Functional and structural considerations
  • Security
  • Role of testing

Management and Measurement

  • Defect analysis
  • Test coverage – how much is enough?
  • Goal-Question-Metric paradigm

Test Tool Selection

  • Selection process
  • Tool types
  • Evaluation criteria

Who Should Attend

Individuals with responsibilities such as:

  • Software Testers
  • Test Lead/Managers
  • IT Quality Control professionals
  • Web Developers

Pricing & Registration

$400 CAD + HST

Group Rates:
1-5 users – $1,750 CAD + HST
6-10 users – $3,000 CAD + HST
11-15 users – $3,750 CAD + HST