QAI Global Institute contributes to the professional dialogue by publishing white papers and webinars on leading topics for IT, QA, and Software Testing professionals.

White Papers

Building a Forensic Capability

The objective of forensics is to enable an organization to identify the root cause of a problem. This important white paper from QAI Global Institute helps IT organizations build a forensic capability.


A Day in the Life of a Test Manager – A Case Study & Research Report

Test Managers: the world is full of them. But do we really know what they do? Does your organization agree on the core roles, challenges that test organizations face, and responsibilities of the team? The answer is probably “No”. If so, then this webinar is for you!

Acceptance Test Driven Development

This webinar will consider a trend that, if it hasn’t already, is likely to impact you in the near future: Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD). This webinar will teach you how to use the concepts of ATDD to increase your value to your organization no matter what testing methodology they use.

Addressing Mobile App Testing Challenges

If the mobile technology train hasn’t arrived at your organization yet, it soon will. Are you ready to jump onboard and face the unique testing challenges presented by mobile applications? Attend this talk and walk away with a solid mobile testing baseline and best practices for addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

How Do Roles Transition In an Agile Environment

Transitioning to agile changes how many roles are defined. These types of changes need to be part of planning your organizational transformation but first you have to understand the new world order. This webinar explores the agile gravity well which requires blending and synthesizing roles.

Lean Development: Achieve Structural Quality & Reduce Rework

As a development or test manager, there are a set of lean principles you can leverage to help eliminate the largest source of waste in development – defects and the rework effort that results. This free webinar discusses a framework for bringing lean concepts to improve structural quality and reduce defects.

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is no longer a question – it’s a reality. The question is how to approach it. This is precisely the topic of the one-day class offered at TesTrek 2013, Mobile Testing. This free webinar will give a taste of this class by reviewing the subjects it covers and focusing more in-depth on two of them: outlining mobile testing strategy and mobile test automation.

Project Management Is Dead, Long Live Project Management

In Agile, project management is dead…at least as a single role that leads, directs, controls and administers a project team because those roles are distributed to the team. This webinar provides an overview of how these three competing constituencies can work together to control and shape project execution.

Test Planning Versus Test Strategy. Are They the Same?

We’ve all heard about strategic planning it’s the preparation for battle plans or achieving goals. People talk about strategies when they want to change something or achieve something. So when we talk about test planning and test strategies are we talking about the same thing? This session discusses test planning and test strategy development and suggests approaches for today’s testers and test managers.

The Essential Product Owner: Partnering with the Team

The Product Owner (PO) role is arguably the most crucial role within agile teams. This webinar shows you how story mapping and release planning can truly set the stage for effective team workflow—establishing a “Big Picture” for everyone to shoot for. If you are a team or PO struggling to effectively deliver results, you’ll leave with ideas for establishing an ecosystem where the Product Owner and the team drive continuously improving performance.

The Future of Requirements Definition & Management

Delivering quality software begins with clear and agreed to requirements. Industry averages for project rework range from 20–40%, and of that number 70–85% is related to requirements. This presentation will explore some of the challenges affecting requirements definition and offer techniques to meet these challenges with success!

Top Ten Attitudes to Abolish When Adopting Agile

Gil Broza, known for his people-centric, pragmatic approach to Agile transformations, shares in this talk the top 10 attitudes to shake loose – and what to replace them with. Discover which hold-over attitudes you have, their impact on performance, and powerful techniques you can embrace.

Top Ten Challenges of Test Automation

Your organization has implemented software test automation and is not realizing the value it expected. Or perhaps, it’s just starting to consider implementation and you wish to be proactive (always a wise decision). This presentation will address common challenges and provide strategies on how to overcome them in order to develop a strategic roadmap to successful implementation!

xBTM – Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed, characteristics that have become increasingly important with the quick pace of short agile iterations. But, how do you retain traceability in exploratory testing without losing your creativity? By using a combination of session-based test management (SBTM) and thread-based test management (TBTM) called xBTM.