QAI Global Community

The QAI Global Community is composed of quality assurance organizations throughout the United States and in many countries worldwide.

Chapter Objectives

The overall goal of the QAI Global Community of chapters is to provide a framework for IT QA / QC professionals to network with other individuals and to increase their knowledge and expertise in these areas. As a result, the Institute strives to work with the chapters to promote that objective. Chapter meetings and programs provide an important opportunity for active participation of these professionals. There are many different needs and desires among the various chapters. In order to allow for individual chapter requirements to be satisfied most effectively, the chapters have expressed the preference to organize their programs in a fashion that best meets their objectives. For this reason, there are no stringent prerequisites placed on a chapter as a part of the QAI Global Community such as dues requirement or financial fees, etc.

Benefits of Chapter Programs

The groups schedule CSQA, CSTE, and CSPM certification exam training courses and other QAI seminars. An additional significant benefit results in professional networking among the members of the local quality assurance organization. This not only helps to enhance individual professional growth but also helps in providing valuable information for improving operations in the companies they represent.

Find Local Chapters

QAI Canada’s mandate is to assist in the development of additional chapters east and west as we continue to grow in supporting the Canadian Software Quality community. Currently there is a Canadian Chapter in Toronto Toronto.

Use the map below to find North American chapters near you. Most chapters maintain independent websites that provide information on local events, membership benefits, and more.

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